Weaving science, experience, and Feldenkrais: lessons from Michael Krugman's work

Taught by Dav Clark on June 25, 2017

This is a training sponsored by the Eastern Region of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America for Feldenkrais teachers only. Don’t forget to incorporate it into your own competency plan!

Holistic Massage Training Institute
2834 Loch Raven Rd, Baltimore, MD (map)

In naming Awareness Through Movement, Feldenkrais makes clear that he’s going after more than just movement. But what is that, exactly? In this workshop, we will explore experiential and scientific views of awareness and consciousness – in particular examining the ways in which those two things are different!

We will explore elements of Michael Krugman’s teaching which bear directly on consciousness – or the lack of it – in the action of falling asleep. Along the way, we’ll consider Michael’s elaboration on Moshe’s model of human action with his focus on inhibition and selection. We’ll also hold these ideas up against some contemporary theories of human action, including a brief dive into models of neural computation.

The above will involve some short interactive lecture elements, and we’ll ground each idea in one or more experiences, including a couple of ATMs as well as trio work exploring the impact of touch on our awareness and our consciousness. Michael never practiced hands-on work as part of his Sounder Sleep practice – did you ever wonder why? After this workshop, we’ll all have some ideas about this and other questions, and more importantly, how this can inform our work with our students!

Public offerings:
Free Feldenkrais Festival (Facebook event , tickets) noon-5pm, Saturday May 13, 2017.
Regular Saturday Class is 11:30a-12:30p, Saturdays starting May 20.
Events to be held at Ruscombe Mansion: 4801 Yellowwood Ave, Baltimore.